The Grown-ish Edition

Wow! It’s been a while. Nice to see you guys again. Welcome to The Grown-ish Edition .

Let’s start with the first topic, Work/Life balance.

You just started this huge job that you’re extremely excited to have. You’ve worked so hard to get here. You don’t want to do anything to mess up this opportunity. Yet, you want to continue to have a social life. What do you do???

Most people feel as if you should be a “sponge” when you begin a new job. This means that you should take in all the knowledge around you. I think that this is a great trait to have and could ultimately foster great work ethic; however, have you noticed that sometimes you have to overcompensate just to compare to your co-workers? Overcompensate? What do you mean? Well, have you noticed that you’re coming into work earlier and leaving later? Yup. That’s what I mean …. BUT .. there’s nothing wrong with that. Absolutely, nothing wrong with that, especially being that this is just the beginning. I just really need you to have a better balance though, hunny. I want you to be able to succeed in your career and in your personal life. I’ve listened to a few people who’ve been in their careers for at least over a year, and I’ve taken a little advice from them that I’d like to share with you.

Know when you need a ‘“refresher”

Are you really about to go 2+ weeks without relaxing? No way! That’s totally unhealthy. You knew last Wednesday that your body was tired. You knew it, why didn’t you do anything about it? I really don't want to hear how you “had work to do in order to catch up”. That’s not a good excuse to ignore your mental health. Be willing to hit your friends up like, “Hey, what’s the move this week”. I can promise you that you aren’t the only one stressed out and in need of some time away from work. Listen to your body when it’s screaaaammminnnngggg for your attention. Thank me later.

Map out your week

You know, they make the calendar app on your cell phone for a reason. Use it! No, for real. Plan your week. If you know you’re due for a mani/pedi on Thursday, add it to your calendar. Now, you have absolutely no reason to push it off until later.

Treat your outings as a reward

If you reward yourself with weekly outings, I promise you that you’ll work even harder the day of/before. Imagine this.. You’re in your office and you can’t stop thinking about how as soon as 5 o’clock comes around you’re headed off to happy hour with your friends from undergrad. I’m getting excited just thinking about that. Put that energy to good use! Be sure to complete every work task + more before leaving the office. That way, if you jussstt sooo happen to have a hangover the next day, most of the work has already been completed. #LifeHacks

Second Topic: Depression

Did you see that elephant that just walked by. How’d it get into this room?!?! Ha, yeah. We are going there, and I promise I don’t want to just as much as you don’t either, but it’s necessary.

Getting through 4 years of undergrad was hard. Trust me, I know. And you STILL dont have a job. Trust me, I know. How does that make you feel? Well, it makes me feel.. like I’ve wasted my time.. like I’m not good enough.. like I’ll never be good enough.. why did SHE get a job before I did… I made better grades than her… what’s wrong with me… I’m so… depressed

Okay, hold it right there, love. Nothing is wrong with you. You are capable. You are enough. You will be successful. You will be great, and I’ll bet my last on that one. 66.9 million people over the age of 25 currently has a bachelors degree in America… that’s a lot huh? Make yourself stand out from the crowd, but first I need you to work on the “D word” . *screams as loudly as possible* GO SEE A THERAPIST!!!!!! And if the one you chose first doesn’t seem to fit with you, TRY AGAIN!!! And that’s that on that.

Side bar: I’ve tried therapy and had a terrible experience, haven’t tried again .. yet, but chillleeee that’s a story for another day.

Third Topic: Budgeting and Saving

I’m not the best at this, but I can let you in on my methods. I personally have 3 bank cards/accounts. One, I only pay bills from. Two, is the stash. The third is my monthly spending money.

  1. Card/Account Number 1: I already know how much my bills are a month, so I allocate from the stash (card number 2) to card number 1. Everything is on auto pay. I could technically lock the card away and never bring it out if I wanted to. I never, ever swipe it and pay all bills online. I’ve been in good standing with this bank for the longest (at least over 5 years). This reason being, I know that when the time comes I should have no problem obtaining mortgage loans, etc.

  2. Card/Account Number 2: Also known as, the stash. If ANYTHING goes wrong, I’ll pull straight from here. I have a savings account and checking account with this one bank. This bank has amazing benefits, even lower interest rates on loans and pays all ATM fees (I like this feature a lot). This is where I keep the bulk of my money. Again, so when the time comes I’m able to get the car or home I’d like. But guess what.. once again, I do not use the bank card… Well, if I need to make big purchases, I do. Anyways, I have automatic transfers set up from the checking account to the savings and I do NOT go back and pull from my savings, like hardly ever.

  3. Card/Account Number 3: And probably the most important card… is my CashApp card, and no… they are not paying me for this advertisement. I just think it’s really good for budgeting. I’m not the richest girl in the world, so I budget $500 on eating and leisure a month. Calculate the cost of your groceries and how much the activities are that you’d like to do. Put that amount on your card from the stash account. AND DON’T GO OVER. That’s the most important part.

A few last tips:
1. Turn overdraft protection OFF. If you don’t have the money to spend why are you borrowing it.
2. Don’t borrow money, unless you’re dying, seriously.. It’s a none ending journey.
3. Pay ALL bills as soon as you get your checks. Do not push it off.
4. If you are using a CashApp and/or Venmo card, be sure to toggle them off when you aren’t using it to avoid hacks.
5. Check account balances often, even if you aren’t using the account. Be vigilant of possible hacks.
6. Check your credit score often.
7. Use auto-payment features when applicable.

Fourth Topic: Adult Dating

….. lol…. good luck

For real though. It’s so much I could say, so stay tuned for another blog post about this one and again.. GOOD LUCK!

Welp, here we are again. I’m so happy you guys stuck around for this. Adulting is HARD, okay. I didn’t choose this life, it chose me. Continue to do the things that makes sense to you and that makes you happy. You only have one life, so live it. Toodles!

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